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5746085 March 12, 2012 09:00

Newbie - Create Region
Hi, i'm modeling a ultrasonic sensor, because of it's complexity and my affinity with solidworks i decided to design it in solidworks and import to ansys simulation - version 11 (that's installed in the university PC).

I need to make it work in an air region. I saw the function to create a region in the modeler, and i use it when simulating in MAXWELL 3D, but in the simulation screen i can't define the region.

Than i tried to make it in solidworks, creating a part to make it air material, but i need to create a part in the complex area inside and outside the sensor, and i think it's not the easiest way. And all the modification i'll make in the construction i have to make it in this region part.

Than i tried to import the solidworks construction in the modeler instead of the simulation, but i got an error "Geometry interface not found", i saw in the forum that's a license issue.

Someone know a simple way to solve my problem?


5746085 March 12, 2012 13:15


no one replied. Don't know if it's because my poor english, the lack of information, or , propably the to newbie question.

The product i'm trying to design is a piezoelectric sensor that must get information about the vibration of a pipe around 40kHz, the vibration will pass through a waveguide that is in touch with the pipe, and will vibrate the air inside a small area inside the product, that contains the piezoelectric sensor. I need to design the product so i maximize the sensibility in the piezoelectric.

I was trying to make this simulation with "modal analysis" but i don't know if a must use CFX or fluent, or any other, because i need that FSI between waveguide-air-piezoelectric.

Please help me, any information will save me a lot of time.

5746085 March 12, 2012 14:15

Create Region Solved.

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