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diamondx March 13, 2012 14:48

suggestion on how to mesh this geometry (air intake)
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hello everyone. I have an air intake geometry to mesh. as you can see it in the first picture, the geometry looks pretty complex to me. i tried to mesh it in ICEM using a global meshing method, i had set a big element size, then i used surface meshing to refine more next to the cowl and the ramp lip and the wall. Next i used prism layers as you can see in the second picture. two problems occur: big number of elements is generated, and most of the elements has bad quality. I thought about splitting the geometry, like make a blocking inside the air intake and using tetra next to the inlet but i don't have a clue on how to do that as i looked at all the icem tutorials i couldn't find one that matches this geometry (still learning icem). I appreciate all your help in advance. THANKS

diamondx March 16, 2012 17:28

merging two hexa mesh
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hello everybody, i'm back again with my geometry, i'm trying now an hexa mesh. what i did is separating the parts like meshing the inlet alone, inside the ramjet and the outlet alone. however i found a problem in merging two parts together. below in the pictures you can see part one and part two together, but the merging option is not working. icem is telling me only "2 regions can be merged, there is currently 3 regions" i don't see how is that possible. in the red line above, there is a surface called interface. that surface is present on the part 1 and part 2. am i missing something here ?? also the help in icem is telling me that the elements has to be equilateral is it because of that ??
Thanks again for your help everybody.

rikio March 17, 2012 21:52

Hi Ali,

ICEM tutorial would not cover all types of geometry, meshing method is the point.:)

You said the interface is presented in two parts. Generally, interface would be in a standalone part, to be easily operated when merging (you can simply select the part when defining the Merge Surface Mesh Parts). I am not sure about your mesh, but the third region should be there as ICEM prompted. The mesh size on both interfaces needs to be as equivalent as possible. The closer of the size is, the easier to merge. From your model snapshot, obviously, the size ratio is about 2:1.

Sai Swaroop March 19, 2012 02:30

I see you have created blocking and hence structured meshing. By your comment I opine that you created 3 different blocks for 3 regions and trying to merge them, right?? In ICEM all the blocks do not get merged. Its has its constraints and limitations.
As for the surface at red line, I assume you are saying that there 2 surface meshes that don't match. If so, you need to 1. Assign the vertices and the edges of the adjacent blocks exactly to same points and curves and also use same node distribution. 2. Merge the vertices that are common for the blocks.

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