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zenwalk March 15, 2012 10:02

steady-state thermal analysis in ansys workbench
someone help me, i have assignment to analysis heat loss from brick kiln. how to analysis with ansys? i have tried in ansys workbench (steady-state thermal analysis) but i cannot how to mesh and setup )step by step). i have geometry file in (*.sat) file extention. please help me to solve my project......

this is geometry file or here

sarangdalne March 16, 2012 14:15

Which ANSYS version are you using? I was able to create the mesh on your geometry within couple of secs and with default mesh settings.

When the meshing process fails there are good error messages given. Use them as guidelines.

By the way what errors are you getting?

zenwalk March 19, 2012 21:53

i use ansys 12.1 version 64 bit, can you help me to explain every mesh methode, please help me sir.:(

sarangdalne March 19, 2012 22:40

There is very good documentation available in ANSYS help. You can search by the methods. Let me know if you need specific detail about any particular method. I can't explain every method here :)
I guess you will be better using patch conforming for the geometry you have and for the analysis you are using.
You can play around with relevance: make it higher around 100.
make "Relevance Center:" use fine or medium.

If this doesn't work then try using "On Fixed" advanced size function.

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