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sshah March 15, 2012 14:33

"I shouldnt be disconnecting stuck triangles"
I have created a huge tetra mesh that's almost 13mill nodes, smoothed, checked mesh, --> quality of tets/tris > 0.31. I have walls specified as internal walls, i now split them, smooth mesh (tets and tris) and once again check and save. Now i need to generate a prism mesh ( 1 layer), the prism mesh generator continues writing a mesh and when i check the log the mesh says done, and suddenly a repeated message "I shouldnt be disconnecting stuck triangles" shows up...i check my linux terminal it does save a prism.uns file but the only worry i have is the message that shows up and the ICEM window sort of hangs (cant do anything anymore). Anyway, I open the prism mesh that was saved, and do a check everything seems ok, i look at the subsets there are stuck elements. I delete them and use the fill gap option under repair mesh tab. Now everything after this is ok, i mean ICEM does not notify me of any problems. So the questions are:

1. Why does the message appear even though the prism.uns file is created?
2, Can i use this prism.uns file and continue to work on it?
3. If yes, how was i supposed to have dealt with the stuck elements? In general, also are there ways to avoid them? And why do they occur? Also a little more details about stuck elements would be beneficial.
4. Is it ok to smooth after creating split internals walls in tetra mesh? Both tets and tris?
I mean would it have caused the problems for the prism generator ?
5.Also is there a way to avoid using so much memory for such huge meshes? I am using almost 20gigs per operation. Meaning while i am browsing the icem window, eahc click takes "a life time"

Note: Under advanced prism settings i clicked both "do checks" and "do not allow sticking"
Also since i split internal walls i have two family names e.g. wall1 and wall1_back.
Also using ICEM14

Anybody if you could help me on this it woulb be super;)

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