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m5edr March 18, 2012 12:31

Rotational periodic problem
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Iam try to make a two face periodic boundary

Mesh --> Global Mesh Setup- Global Mesh Parameters - Setup periodicity -Rotational Periodicity

Base : "I selected first point in my geometry"
Axis: 0 1 0 ( rotated about y-axis)
Angle: 120 ( sector makes 120 degrees)

volume mesh is tetra/mixed , octree (NO Blocking is used)
shell mesh is All Tri , patch indep.

Icem tell me "Finished compute mesh" But
1- view of two face is STRANGE :confused: ,
2- and massage appears during mesh computation such (can't fix spike point on periodic boundary) and (periodic triangle matches tet but no tri) :confused:

My mesh is o.k or Not ?
any suggestion

rikio March 18, 2012 23:01

Have you checked the mesh for periodic problem?

m5edr March 18, 2012 23:11

thanks for reply

No ,how i do this check?

rikio March 18, 2012 23:23

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Edit Mesh > Check Mesh

m5edr March 20, 2012 09:50

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I did the periodic check , ICEM created a subset contains 200 error due to Periodic problem (it asked me the faces that contains periodic)

the stranger thing , if i send the mesh to fluent >>> No problem appear in periodic faces and seems good (if i do a check in fluent it massaged a problem)

i attached two image of the periodic subset and two periodic faces

Important Notes:
1-A massage appear "shell () has node () which has no twin"
2-Each Face of periodic contains two face where one BIG face and SMALL face "small face inside the BIG" .. and a straight curves between them

Volume mesh is Octree , shell mesh is ALL TRI/Patch indep.

Any suggestion (do i neglect the error?)

zeeshu April 14, 2016 22:16

so have you solved your error i have the same problem

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