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Kristin_N March 19, 2012 11:17

Problems with mesh for annular-type geometry
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I'm new to ICEM CFD and I have encountered some problems I hope someone can help me with.

I'm trying to mesh the cylinder/annulus shown in the attached picture. It has an annular region at one end, but the inner cylinder doesn't extend to the opposite end of the outer cylinder. Also, the inner cylinder has a "cap" region with zero-wall thickness (I'm hoping it will be sufficient to prescribe a wall boundary condition for the simulations, as applying a wall thickness resulted in a skewed mesh with cells extending into the no-mesh zone).

My approach has been:
  • Create an initial block around FLUID and then split it at the end of the inner cylinder; associate edges to curves; make the end vertices periodic.
  • Create the first O-Grid for the inner cylinder so that I can then assign that part to SOLID and avoid meshing it.
  • Create a second O-Grid for the large cylinder and associate edges.
  • I then modify the edge parameters to refine the mesh along the walls.
When I check the mesh quality however, the cells at the interface between the two sets of blocks are not good. I tried to merge the side blocks to improve this (I don't want the inner part of the small cylinder to be meshed, so didn't merge the central blocks). Merging the side blocks results in another problem however: the node count on the merged edges no longer matches the node count on the inner edges of the blocks.

Am I going about blocking this geometry all the wrong way? Is there a way to improve the cell quality at the interface of the split?

I hope this post makes sense and that the attached images help.

Thank you in advance for your help,


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Kristin_N March 19, 2012 11:20

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A couple more images

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Kristin_N March 19, 2012 11:21

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Last two, I hope they clarify what I tried to describe in my post

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Far March 19, 2012 11:31

whats the problem exactly, the procedure you have adopted seems to be ok . Attach blk and tin

Kristin_N March 19, 2012 12:21

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Thank you for your quick reply Far.

I have attached the blk and tin files to an email sent to you on

The problem is that, due to the node count not matching in the axial direction following the merge of the blocks, a section view of the mesh looks like the image attached.

I look forward to helpful advice,


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Far March 20, 2012 15:28

Done. I shall upload video on youtube.

Some working on geometry was necessary as it helps to control the blocking.

Attaching tin and blk files.

Far March 20, 2012 15:40

Similar problem is also discussed here.

Far March 21, 2012 00:29


The problem is that, due to the node count not matching in the axial direction following the merge of the blocks, a section view of the mesh looks like the image attached.
This problem can be solved with linked bunching, if every thing else is ok.

Far March 27, 2012 00:48

Detailed procedure is given here.

Kristin_N March 28, 2012 17:50


Thank you very much for all your help, my mesh finally works!

Kindest regards,


atashmard January 2, 2016 19:08

Funny Problem Meshing Cylinder with ICEM
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Hello Everyone

It's so funny and still confusing. I was trying to mesh combination of pipes in ICEM. The funny thing is ICEM can not cover the corners of circle section in just this specific file. I've checked everything (assoc. edge to curves and etc) million times. The pictures has been attached. When I delete everything (Geo, blocks) and try a simple cylinder, it goes fine. Unfortunately I have spent a long time creating the geometry and do not want to start it over. Have you ever experienced a same thing?:confused:

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