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chh March 20, 2012 21:25

Recurring solids and automatic naming

As I'm relatively new to ANSYS I got some questions on the feasability of a planned project.

For my analysis I have to create a geometry containing a considerable number of geometrically identical solid bodies w/ different thermal properties.

For their creation I used the pattern function, which works quite fine.

Now I'm wondering if there's any way to automatically name the solids e.g. as "box 1, box 2, etc" and even to generate the (thermal) interfaces between them.

Is there any way to write a script for Design Modeler?
I'm using the academich ANSYS 13.0 version.

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

rikio March 20, 2012 23:25

After overviewing the Help, I think there should be a way to achieve what you want. But I never tried this, so looking forward the solution as well, with you :).

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