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Armandul March 21, 2012 05:03

3D Airfoil with different Profiles
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Hey guis, i have a problem with a wing of a windturbine. The geometry has different airfoil profiles along the radius and it has a change of the angle to compensate the rotation velocity in terms of the wind direction. That means i cant mesh a 2d airfoil and extrude the mesh.
i tried to mesh unstructed (i am not sure, if this is the right name) without blocking.
The problem is, that the one edge is very sharp, so the elements jump from one side to the other. that leads to open volumes and other bad things.
how can i mesh this?
i allready tried to change edge criterion, but the result is nearly the same.

i know, it would be better to use blocking first, but this would mean a great affort, because the wing has a lot of faces. especially at the tip are a lot of very small faces.

thanks in advance!

Armandul March 21, 2012 07:56

Hey there,
it seems, the problem is solved. By printing the curves, colored by count, i found out, that there are two lines overlaping in the reagions, where the worst elements were made.
by erasing one of the two lines, the mesh seems to be ok.

Armandul March 28, 2012 07:48

Update Nr. 2: This was not the solution. But I managed to Create the mesh by exporting the wind turbine blade to hypermesh, cleaning the geometry there, creating the mesh für the wing in hyperworks, export to nastran, import by icem and mesh the rest of the domains with icem, depending on the imported mesh.

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