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kevinlipps March 21, 2012 05:30

Bubble column / Airlift Reactor with separate headspace
Hi Everybody,

I have a little beginners Problem using the Designmodeler...

I want to simulate an airlift reactor with some special baffles and since I read already a couple of times that a separate headspace filled with only air from the beginning is better if using FLUENT I want to create two cell zones, a lower one with containing water and a small one on top filled with air.

When I draw my bubble column I used already many different planes, but the "Surfaces from Sketches" generates me just one single 2D body where I need two... even if I use the button twice, once for the lower part and a second time for the upper sketch separately... there will be just one surface body combining the two as one.

I thought about slicing via a rectangular body in the ZX-Plane.. but I dont really know how to do it... all I want is to separate the surface body into two bodies of which edges superimpose so I can export them to the Meshing App and be able to choose a coarser grid for the air filled headspace.

tauqirnawaz March 21, 2012 08:56

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You do not need to create a body to slice, simply create a plane at desired location and use it to slice.

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