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Grog106 March 23, 2012 08:59

Meshing a wind turbine for wing tip vortexes
I'm currently meshing a wind turbine and I want to see the wing tip vortex on fluent but first I need to mesh it.
I made a one bladed wind turbine, in order to have fine mesh around the moving blade I create a volume around the tip of the blade and it covers the blade rotational path (Imagine a small square around the tip and made it revolves around the same axis as the wind turbine, like a torus, or doughnuts), let call it Torus.
Then I made a bigger Volume of Fluent only.
When I read my mesh file on fluent, it sees torus like a wall and inside my blade. I think fluent sees it as a wall because he sees another volume.
I tried the boundary layer but I need a larger volume and using it on a blade is not easy.
Is there a way to mesh around a blade and on his path without creating another volume?
Thank you for you answer by advance.

-mAx- March 29, 2012 06:07

you need to split your initial volume, with your torus or the surface from torus.
If you don't want to work with split, then you may use size function for mesh density.
But you can also use split tools, and then apply a size function.
Splits are used for volume decomposition

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