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Far March 26, 2012 15:37

Large and small cylinder with inner wall
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This is step by step procedure in response to many requests made for similar cases.

1. Create a large block

2. Split the block at intersection of small and large cylinder. Another split at the second end of inner wall.

3. Create the O-grid block by selecting the all three blocks and faces at both ends.

5. Delete the outer blocks of small cylinder.

6. Make association to respective curves.

7. Also make association of face to part (part in this case is the inner wall, in tin file it is named as wall) >>>>>>> Most important step

8. Make another O-grid block by selecting the block of smaller cylinder and inner two blocks of large cylinder. Again select the end faces.

9. Adjust vertices by vertex command.

10. Also apply Edit edge >>>>>>> Link shape command on the outer face of large cylinder.

10. Define edge mesh parameters and check the mesh.

11. Select Fluent_V6 as solver.

12. Apply boundary condition and output mesh file.

It is important to make the geometry as shown in attached tin file.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. If you find any error in procedure, please do post a comment to rectify it.

Far March 26, 2012 15:47

Remaining pics...

Far March 26, 2012 17:51

Power of ICEM
blk and tin files :

Now I show you the real power of ICEM blocking. This time I have modified the geometry. Small cylinder is now within large cylinder. Inner wall is present at same location.

1. Made new surfaces

2. Changed the material of deleted outer blocks of small cylinder in last post to Fluid.

3. Changed the material of inner blocks of inner cylinder to solid (Now small cylinder is solid and not to be meshed)

4. Adjusted the vertices of new blocks by just clicking the align vertices command in yz plane.

5. Associate newly created curves and blocks (in step 2)

6. This time face association for inner wall is not required as we are using old blocking file (in post # 1 and 2).

7. Now set boco for newly created surfaces.

8. Output mesh file and read it into Fluent.

Far March 26, 2012 17:58

remaining pics ...

Far March 26, 2012 18:00

For both cases, blk and tin files are attached (Post #1 and 3)

Far March 27, 2012 07:56

Youtube video

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