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akhi2908 March 29, 2012 18:12

[POLYFLOW] Which Global remeshing technique to use?
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I am trying to solve a simple transient fluid flow in which fluid is flowing over a substrate ("wall" at the bottom) and its free surface is coming in contact with a curved roller surface which is not moving [Refer to figure: Slide_1] After a few time steps it is observed that the fluid stacks up at one of the free surfaces and there is no deformation of the mesh below the roller (curved surface) as now fluid enters the gap between the roller and the substrate [Refer: Slide_2]. The simulation fails to converge as the other meshes are distorted further.

Please help me understand what needs to be done to make the fluid flow through the gap. Thanks!

akhi2908 March 31, 2012 11:59

If any body has any hint on why it might not be working please comment. I have tried all I could bt still cant change result.

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