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acjoshi April 4, 2012 23:44

meshing issues in ICEM CFD
I need some help with meshing in ICEM. I have been using GAMBIT all this while but felt the need to speed up my meshing and hence the move to ICEM.

I am trying to mesh a very simple problem with a porous zone.

So the domain consists 1 fluid zone separated by a porous zone.

I am able to create different material points hence hence Cell zones in Fluent.
Domain size 600x800x800mm
I have a porous zone at X = 200 which is 100 wide

I created 2 fluid material points one on each side of the porous zone and assigned the split blocks to it. Assigned the middle block to the Porous zone.

Defined the porous walls as interfaces.

However when I mesh the geometry my 100 mm wide zone has only one cell. The moment I remove the definition of the interface walls the mesh appears correctly.
Can anyone help me with this?

rikio April 6, 2012 08:35

It may be the problem of association. Attaching some figures to show your problem may help to find the root cause.

cdegroot April 7, 2012 16:10

I have meshed this exact problem except with different dimensions in ICEM. Sounds like it could be an issue in your "part mesh setup". What do the parameters look like for the porous zone and the associated surfaces?

yasinbm April 14, 2012 12:01

Whether you are correct in defining the "create body"?

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