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Far April 5, 2012 05:01

Dear Frends

I am working on DLR F6 model. The tin and blk are downloaded from DPW. These files were made by PSYMN (ANSYS Inc.

My problem is that, I have no idea how to output the mesh file for CFD++ from ICEM output panel. I tried but getting boundary condition error.

PSYMN April 5, 2012 15:10

ICEM CFD supports so many formats (most of which I don't have access to) so I am not particularly expert at setting up bocos for most of them.

I can tell you the general process, and perhaps interpret your error (if you tell me what it said), but I don't really have an inside track on the bocos.

This is the info on that interface, it doesn't say much about the Bocos...

Best regards,


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