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Manilo April 5, 2012 18:41


I am trying to generate a mesh using Ansys Meshing and ICEM with MultiZone.
First I use Interactive and Override Method.
In ICEM recording the replay script and blocking everthing.

After closing ICEM Ansys Meshing gives me two error messages:
Error: Internal error in mesh assembling.
Error: The mesher did not generate any nodes. All geometry may have been defeatured away.

Do I have to use "select Solver" and "write input" in the output tab? Cuz thatīs what Iīve done.
What other things in the Mesh and MultiZone do I have to consider?

Later on, if I get the thing working I want to use batch mode and modifiy dimensions of the geometrie and than using the replay script. Is somebody experienced with that?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

Bill Tuer May 26, 2013 19:05

Hello Manilo or everybody else who read this,

I have a similar problem, now, with the same errors.
Have you solved your problem? And if yes, can you post it, please.

Or have anybody else a hint for me?

Thanks in advance for help, too.

pjuangph January 6, 2017 15:37

Similar issue but with workbench mesher
My problem was in the meshing tool in workbench. I had to increase the inflation layer and it worked.

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