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pavilion April 6, 2012 05:02

Is somewhat missing in Heating Coil mesh tutorial?
Hi everybody
I am new to ANSYS products, but i spent a long time to read carefully the tutorials and the related topics in the forum. I finally decided to achieve the complete tutorial about "Heating Coil" from A to Z by virtue of the three available guides:
1- CFX mesh (wb_cm.pdf tutorial 10 page 201) (Geometry stage)
2- ANCYS ICEM CFD (icemtutorial.pdf 5.4: Heating Coil page 858) (Meshing stage)
3- ANSYS CFX Tutorials (xtutr.pdf chapter 16. Conjugate Heat Transfer in Heating Coil page 229) (Simulation stage)

I don't want to use the attached files with the manuals.

I accomplished the geometry and mesh stages but when i proceeded to the last stage (simulation under CFX) it looks like one region is only predefined (the fluid domain equivalent to the FluidZone B1.P3 in the xtutr.pdf ...) so Where is the second region (the coil domain equivalent to the SolidZone B2P3 ...)?

a- Is somewhat missing in the ICEM tutorial (like defining a second body related to the internal coil) ?
b- Is the problem in the exporting - importing operations (uns --> cfx5) ?

please answers :)
best regards

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