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eaxbca April 6, 2012 15:32

2.5D Meshing
Hi All,
I am quite new to ICEM since I was using opensource software previously.
I wanted to extrude a surface mesh to obtain a 2.5d mesh to be used in FLUENT.
However instead of one surface I have created the mesh on 2 surfaces which one is surrounding the other one. This is required to reduce the remeshing region. However I am gettind few problems to apply extrude, since both of these surfaces are merged in to one on the other side.
Is there a way to obtain a 2.5d geometry for such a case?? or maybe a way round this problem??

Thanks.. :confused:

cdegroot April 7, 2012 16:06

I'm not sure I understand your problem. Maybe post a picture?

When creating an extruded mesh, I typically create the 3D geometry, mesh once face, then extrude the elements. Then, there is an option to associate mesh with geometry. Select all elements to associate them with the nearest geometric object. This procedure should work.

eaxbca April 7, 2012 16:14

Geometry is similar to a external gear pump. I just require a separate area to have a better control on the re-meshing.

Thank you. To associate mesh to the nearest geometry would be really useful.
Could you tell me where can I find this?

cdegroot April 7, 2012 16:23

You can find the associate mesh option in Edit Mesh -> Repair Mesh -> Associate Mesh With Geometry. Hope it helps.

eaxbca April 7, 2012 16:25

That's a great help Chris and makes life much easier. Thanks :)..

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