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adsl17754 April 11, 2012 00:42

3D hollow cone spray meshing problem
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Hi everyone,

I met a problem when I tried to make a 3D hollow cone spray mesh in Gambit. I meshed the top face first(shown below), and tried to use cooper to generate volume mesh, then the error "Assertion failed in, line 749: geom_children.size()==mp->..."(shown below) appeared, I tried many times but the error still exists... Hoping to get your suggestion, many thanks~
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vinayender April 11, 2012 00:58


just to see there is no problem with your geometry or procedure,

try first meshing with a coarse gird and see...

look mesh is too fine at the corner

adsl17754 April 11, 2012 01:18

Thanks vinayender. Try a coarse grid at first is a good suggestion, I will try it later. I am interested in how to generate volume mesh with such fine grids at the corner, because I need fine grids to insure accuracy. Many Thanks~

adsl17754 April 13, 2012 22:56

I found something wrong with the geometry of that face. I can now mesh the volume~

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