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Kristin_N April 12, 2012 08:55

Model size inconsistency between DesignModeler and Icem

I have encountered a problem with my geometry's dimensions not staying consistent between the Ansys Design Modeler and Icem CFD and I wonder if anyone has any idea on how to avoid this problem (or fix it)?

If I draw a cylinder in the Design Modeler with a diameter of 0.01537m for example, when I check it in Icem the new diameter is 0.0153592m and when I save the mesh as .cgns this is the dimension that the cfd code is reading (both Flluent and an industrial code). I even tried drawing it with units of mm and then converting it to m in Icem when I import the geometry using "Workbench Readers", but it doesn't change anything. I think the issue lies with Icem though, as even if I draw the cylinder directly in Icem using points, curves and surfaces the output coordinates aren't exactly the same as what I input. This inconsistency did not happen when I tried using 0.025m for the diameter, but my method was the same, so I don't understand where the problem is.

Since I need to use a diameter of 0.01537 exactly though, I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to maintain the correct dimensions all the way from drawing the model, to meshing it and to inputting it in the code.

Thank you,


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