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thaenan April 14, 2012 11:17

2D: thickless elements inside domain

I would like to create a thickness element (a wall) inside a 2D domain in DM. I draw a line, for example, and when I try to create the surface in the domain, it just ignores the presence of this element. As a conseuence, Meshing doesn't recognize it at all.

Would someone help me on this problem, please?


diamondx April 14, 2012 11:55

Are you trying to model for example flow over a surface ?
If so here is what you should do, let's say your body or "wall" is an airfoil. start by drawing the airfoil. after that go to surfaces>surfaces from edges. you will then have a surface representing the airfoil. Then continue by drawing the edge "the boundary condition", and then create another surface from edge and select your edges make sure you create your second surface as "add frozen" so it would not be merged to the first one. final step is to do a Boolean operation and to subtract the first surface and leave the second one with empty space which represent the body.
I just did a summary of this tutorial here:
i hope i could help you.

thaenan April 14, 2012 13:12

Hi diamondx,

first of all, thanks for your answer and the tip of the tutorial.

However, what i'm trying to compute is a flow past a surface not closed. I want to simulate an air-air ejector, and I would like to begin with a simple geometry: 2D with thickless elements (shown in the figure, flow comes from the left, in the bottom part). Do you know what I could[IMG][/IMG] do so Meshing understand these lines are in fact walls within the fluid domain? Is it even possible, or must I thicken then?

thanks again

thaenan April 14, 2012 13:13

link to the figure

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