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jhome April 30, 2012 04:26

Fluent 14 journal script to set fluid parameters
Dear All,

I want to use journal script to set the parameters for the fluid. Basically I need to set the fixed energy and flow velocity to the fluid, however, I do not want to set the fixed temperature as I need Fluent to calculate the temperature.

However, when I use journal script /define/boundary-conditions fluid, if I answer yes to set the fixed value (for the energy and velocity), the software will ask me to set a fixed temperature as well. How can I avoid setting the fixed temperature? I know if I set these in GUI, it can be chosen as "none" for the fixed temperature. But the if I use command, it will never let me choose "none" for it.

I used Fluent 12 and it will allow me to choose none by answering no for the question "if fixed temperature will be set".

Thanks for your patient. This is very important to me right now.


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