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steady-state April 30, 2012 16:14

Using the same function for a number of locations in CFD Post
Good Day everyone,
Just a simple query, does anyone have a trick for pointing an expression or function at bunch of different surfaces? I want to calculate heat flux from several contacting surfaces for a bunch of different components throughout my model. All I can find is methods to calculate one surface at a time, but I'd like to find a quicker method as I need to do this for many cases.

Thanks in advance!

engin May 9, 2012 05:01

Dear Scott,

If I understood your problem correctly, you could write a UDF to obtain the heat transfer from a boundary of your problem and hook it to all the boundaries you want the heat transfer to be calculated. Just don't forget to change or include the coefficents according to the species of your boundaries. As far as I remember DEFINE _UDS_FLUX macro should solve your problem. Just tinker with it sometime.


D.B May 9, 2012 05:26

Hi Steady State,
If you are using CFX post, multiple surfaces can be selected simulatneously from the list.

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