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steady-state May 13, 2012 20:28

Changes to named selections not appearing in CFX?
Can anyone suggest why CFX Pre does not always pick up changes in Named Selections that I make in the ANSYS Mechanical Meshing?

Often I'll add or subtract geometry from a named selection or create a new one, hit update, and refresh CFX Pre, but can't see the new named selection in CFX Pre? Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

rockzh June 27, 2012 20:35

I have the same problem,
do you get the answer?
thank you

Darren Leong July 18, 2012 02:00

Tools>Options>Geometry Import>

Check that Named Selections is enabled (tick left box) and delete the filtering prefixes which usually 'NS' by default.

The setting above applies to new projects created after the change tho.

l.whelan11 January 29, 2017 13:29

Had the exact same problem, added a named selection in the mesh but could never get it to update in the setup. For me, it was solved by doing the following:

File -> Recorded Mesh Options -> Match Zone Names

Had to close the solver and open it again to get the new named selection to show up but it seemed to work after that. Don't know why this is the solution, not very intuitive (to me at least).

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