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jerome_ May 30, 2012 05:34

Unstructured Mesh ICEM on a cube
Hi everyone.
I’m quite new with unstructured Mesh with Icem and I have a problem.
I use ICEM CFD 12.1
My aim is to mesh a cube (5x5x5) with a translation periodicity (offset: 0,0,-5) and boundary layer (height: 0.001; height ratio: 1.2; num layer: 5). Notice that the max size of the cells on the orange surface (the ones which are not display) is 0.05.

The Mesh on the red surface has to be the same as the one in the green surface.

This picture shows the mesh I obtained using “Volume Mesh” then “Prism Mesh”. We can see that the periodicity is ok (we don’t see the red mesh). The mesh I obtained with this method is quite the one I want. The only problem is that the size of the cells on the boundary layer is not the same.

Even if i selected a uniform distribution of the node on the edge, the smoothing will not respect this condition. So I decided to do the smoothing by freezing quad. But the quality is not relevant.
So I tried on other method: mesh only the green surface with “surface mesh only” (selecting all tri) then translates the mesh on the red surface and then do the “Volume Mesh” using Existing Mesh Parts. The problem with this method is that when I mesh the surface, there is no expansion ration. All tri have the same size… I tried to use the Adapt mesh interior but it doesn’t work, I obtained the same results

Data that I used for the Adapt Mesh Interior function:

Back = red surface ; Ext = orange surface ; Front = green surface.
Thanks for helping me.

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