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prikeyma May 30, 2012 08:56

Fluid/Solid Property

Can someone explain the impact of the fluid/solid property defined in Design Modeler on the downstream simulation processes such as Ansys Meshing or the CFX solver? I have a part in my geometry that should be defined as having solid and fluid properties. Design Modeler has automatically assigned it as a solid property. How will this affect how it is handled by Ansys Mesh and the CFX solver?

everdimension June 2, 2012 14:27

FLUENT automatically detects "interior" of the geometry and you can assign it to be either fluid or solid in 'Cell Zone Conditions' no matter what it was called in Design Modeler. If the part of your model is divided into different bodies for some reason but you want it to be one and the same domain (fluid or solid) you can create one named selection containing the word 'interior' for all this bodies in either DM or Meshing and FLUENT will treat it as one 'interior' zone.

As for Ansys Meshing, I know that it raises the transparency of the object if it has a "fluid" property but I do not know if that affects the way it creates the mesh. I would like to find that out, too.

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