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Streamlet May 31, 2012 22:33

o-grid problem in ICEMCFD
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Hello everyone
I splitted a block to o-type ,but the internal block deforms to a total circle after projecting to mesh shape, would anyone help me?

Thank you very much!

Far May 31, 2012 22:39

can you explain your question bit more and also please attached the files like .tin and .blk

Streamlet May 31, 2012 23:19

Hi, Far
I have send the files to you by e-mail, thank you very much.

Far May 31, 2012 23:26

i cannot see any problem in the meshing. Every thing is fine

Far June 1, 2012 13:04

is there any problem with blocking? as i cannot find one!!!

Streamlet June 1, 2012 22:17

Thank you very much!
I think I should check the blocking again carefully

shuai_manlou June 3, 2012 09:49

may be you should project the outer cirlcle curve with the block's edge before you split the block with O-grid ~

toil July 3, 2012 21:48

disassociate your inner edges may solve your problem.
PS: you can draw a few lines then associate your inner edges to force them to be straight

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