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bbhv June 25, 2012 08:30

Restarting batch job of system coupling in ANSYS14

I am trying to restart a system coupling job (ansys 14.0) in batch.
My initial run lasts for 10 load steps, which is equal to 1e-05s.
Now, I want to restart from loadstep=10 (the initial run) to loadstep=100, which is equal to t=1e-04s.

I'm following the steps in ansys 14.0 system coupling user guide to create a restart input file (called dsRestart.dat in this case) with the following contents:


The loadstep of 10, and substep of 1 are cited here.

I put this dsRestart.dat in the results folder of the initial run, and then execute the following command:

/opt/ansys_inc/v140/ansys/bin/ansys140 -p AA_R -b -schost=node1_forexample -scport=12345 -scname=Solution -i dsRestart1.dat -o ANSYSRestart.out

then, straightaway it gives an error: No nodes defined

Any hints?


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