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JPGraphX July 24, 2012 09:25

Ansys Workbench - Structural

I would like to know how to insert a pressure on a certain diameter. In my problem, I have a circular disc of 200mm diameter. I need to insert a pressure of 2 MPa in the center of my disc, and on a diameter of 30mm. I can't find a way to add a pressure not on all the surface of the top of my disc.

Thanks for your help,

Gweher July 24, 2012 22:19

Hi Jean-Philippe,

Well one easy way is to slice your geometry in DesignModeler, then form a new part with all the sub-parts (to have a single mesh), then in Mechanical you can easily select your sub-surface to apply your pressure load.

This is not an elegant way to do it but I think it's the quickest and easiest way (I'm not aware of another way) .

Bon courage ;)

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