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sumit_raised July 26, 2012 11:34

Aeroelasticity: CFD-CSD interaction
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Hello Everyone,

I have prepared few notes and results of the previously carried aeroelastic analysis from papers by different authors.
I have understood a lot I guess and came across a flowchart that describes the basic idea of carrying CFD-CSD interaction problems as shown here [Attachment 14788].

And so then my curiosity took me to the oscillating plate tutorial given in the Ansys workbench. And I almost successfully finished that but not to the level of my satisfaction and I failed to access the mode I wanted. Actually I could just see the vibration Total mesh displacement and controlled time steps, which was like 'WOW' :) for me.

But now I want a 3D wing analysis to be done to visualize the 3 MODES as I've seen in a paper published on AGARD WING which was something like as shown in fig [Attachment 14789]. I want to see the torsion stage at some point of vibration.

I am confused and would like to know an idea that can click me to start up with this. I know I am missing somewhere.

To summarize,
1. How to continuously exchange data to and fro (Fluid-structure)?
2. How will I know the Buffeting frequency and most critical frequency?
3. How to visualize the result as shown in my 2nd attachment?
4. What is LCO (Limit Cycle Oscillations) ?
5. If at all a separate code can rescue me then what that code should be?

I just can not come out of this. All the suggestions are welcomed. Please help me with this aeroelastic problem and any preferable link would also do it for me.

Thank You

sumit_raised July 27, 2012 11:54

Oh come on everyone. I have seen related threads before but I want to understand the Idea behind doing this.
The other threads don't talk on the algorithm behind doing it.

And not the software or code that will do it for me..

So guys please have a look at it.

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