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AndrewC August 22, 2012 06:47

Frequency/Vibration Simulation in ANSYS13
Hello :)
I work at a NDT Laboratory (non-destructive testing) and we have a problem.
We are trying to make a comparison from a computer generated simulation with a real-life one. We tried using Solidworks (simulation) 2011 and ANSYS 13 but got poor result.
We try to see what happens to a ball bearing when it hits a vibration of 98570 hz and 190000 hz ( longitudinal frequency and transversal frequency; 98570 = 1 lambda, 197140 = 2 lambda).
Apparently both softwares have frequency simulation but none of them give you the posibility to insert your own frequency. they have predetermined frequency like 88160 hz, 87920 hz, 90160 hz. Both Solidworks and Ansys have those exact freqs.
In ANSYS we tried Modal simulation and Modal Simulation with Random Vibration but way to insert your own freq. Probably we are not doing this the way it sould (none of us are professional users of ansys).

My question/problem is - How do i insert my own frequency in these programs ??

Hoping i was clear enough and provided enough information, I thank you.

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