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jakenoss August 29, 2012 14:45

No library of materials! Help!!!!
So currently I am attempting to perform a modal analysis on the veins in an insect wing using ANSYS 13. My professor asked that i used ADPL and to treat the veins at stiffened shell elements. The ansys at my school does not however have a library of elements, so I can't even use the stiffened shell element. My professor suggested that I manually input the veins into Ansys adpl and also said "Also use thick vein for the leading edge and thin ones toward the trailing edge. It is not necessary to vary the thickness (i.e., taper) for a single vein; use a uniform cross section for each vein." Can anyone help me with this? Or preferably suggest an alternative solution? (maybe workbench?)

Here is the error message I get when trying to command prompt the shell63 or even beam3 elements:

Also, I have the insect wing modeled entirely in SOLIDWORKS.

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