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Jbc September 5, 2012 17:34

vertical axis wind turbine: Steady State? Chart?
Hi everybody,

I am trying to simulate the behaviour of a Savionus Rotor in Steady State, in 3D. I want to plot a chart of the torque vs rotation speed (in the end the Cp wich caracterize the efficiency). I work on CFX.

So I tried to set this simulation:

- Steady State (What is the value of the torque I get in this case? Is it an average, on how many rotations? Is it really sufficient for what I want)

- Two fluid domains : one stationnary, the other rotating at 9.5 rad/s (a boolean operation define the solid region)

- Interfaces between the domains: I read on others discussions that "Frozen Rotor" may be adapted to my case but why more than "Stage"? Doesn't "Frozen Rotor" only consider a static position? An important notice is that the torque changes during one rotation, so I need to be sure that the torque I get is an average which doesn't seem to be the case of Frozen Rotor.

- Inlet : Vin=5m/s

- Outlet : Relative Static Pressure 0Pa

To get my chart, I launch the simulation a number of times changing the rotating speed, am I on the right track?

In this case, I get each time a new file which is really heavy. Is there any other solution, more simple to plot it?

Thank you :)

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