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idil October 10, 2012 04:25

Can't find Ansys workbench in CentOS
I'm having trouble launching ansys workbench. I can open Fluent 14.0 directly from the shortcut on my desktop. I want to run DesignModeler add-in which is found in Ansys workbench but there is no shortcut of ansys workbench anywhere in my system.

My system is CentOS 6.3 Linux (which I don't know much). I am sure that the whole package is installed. (There is "ansys_inc" folder in main "filesystem" folder and it's size is over 18GB so the whole package is installed)

I found some documets about DesignModeler but they have .dll extension so they don't work.
(computer --> filesystem --> ansys_inc --> v140 --> Addins -->DesignModeler )

So, anyone knows how can I start the ansys workbench (from the terminal or somewhere else)?

stuart23 October 11, 2012 08:44

open a shell and type:


Should be right (!) so long as ansys is installed in /. Otherwise type "locate runwb2" to find where it is.


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