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shreyasr October 15, 2012 01:58

About 2 Way FSI (CFX+ANSYS Mechanical)
Hi Everbody,

I'd appreciate your inputs on the following :

Problem Background :
Using ANSYS Workbench, I've successfully setup a one way, sequential FSI process where the pressure fields from the CFD solution (from CFX) was imported into ANSYS APDL as loads. The geometry being solved is that of a centrifugal pump impeller.

On solving the the mechanical analysis, it was found that the impeller experienced low deformation (0.9 Microns) and equivalent stress (1/10th the yield stress of the material)

I would like to know :
1. How far is - 2 way FSI useful, when the deformations and loads experienced by the structure are very low, as described above ?

2. To those who've worked with 1-way FSI, in Workbench > what was the ratio of the mesh density of the CFD model and the structural model, to facilitate 100% mapping of the mechanical nodes onto the CFD results ?


shreyasr October 27, 2012 05:38

Well, I got some replies to this question on Linked In : See discussion

hesamking November 7, 2012 14:30

FSI analysis of brain
Hi everybody,
I have a question and appreciate your help.
I am performing a 2-way FSI to study the behavior of brain
and cerebrospinal fluid (between brain and skull) after a load is applied
on the skull. for preliminary studies, I took a simple model of 3 circular bodies which two of them is solids(as brain and skull) and are elastic and the other one represents fluid.
has anyone had such a experience with a fluid between two solids.
what modules of ANSYS are the best for this kind of simulation?
I am using ANSYS Transient Structural and CFX for my 2-way simulation.
After the initial displacement of skull due to impact, the brain starts moving and after sometime there will be an impact between these two and it is expected that after that brain goes back inside to original position. but after they contact, the solver with an error for CFX saying it can't get total mesh displacement from ANSYS.
I have tried all kinds of contacts in ANSYS structural but none of them works.
Is it possible to use for example explicit dynamics and CFX for FSI analysis?
I really appreciate if anyone can help me in this regard.

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