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helios October 18, 2012 11:03

Hi at all, i try to find out an ICEM programming manual to modify its own macro.where or how can i found it? thanks

stuart23 October 27, 2012 08:55


The Programming manual gives you all the ICEM related commands to create/modify geometry, mesh and blocking. You can also use normal tcl/tk commands for things like variables and maths functions.

Hope this helps,


helios October 29, 2012 07:46

thanks for your help Stu. i appreciate that too much.


stuart23 October 29, 2012 09:08

No problem.

Do you have a specific task you are trying to do? Post again if you need a hand.


helios October 30, 2012 07:56

i have to do a complete campaign of analysis measuring lift, drag and so on between [-5,+13] angle of attack's degrees for 3 thin airfoils. i have registered macro which create the meshes but i have to write the recoursive routine to make what i said.Sorry for my worst english but i hope i was fair.
Thanks again


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