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Thiwaan November 10, 2012 02:38

River Simulation
I need to create a river flow simulation using ANSYS CFX. But I have some problem with the steps.

I need to show the particle flow together with the wave of the river flow in the simulation.
How can I do it and what boundary condition should I choose?

Thiwaan Rao :)

Pit7512 November 24, 2012 09:53

river simulation
Hi Thiwaan,
I try to do something similar. Right now I divided my area of the river in parts of 200m. The problem is that it is still too huge. With a resolution of 0.5 meters I get about 7 Million cells. With some refinements it goes up to 20 Million cells. As you can clearly see it is almost impossible to get an authentic simulation. Furthermore in my case there is a massive loss of water through the top (opening).
If I come up with some helpful results I keep you posted


Roark December 13, 2012 15:29

River Simulation
Fluent does a very poor job with multiphase flow when there is a strong density differential (e.g. air and water). When you try to nail down the free surface, you will find a large area of mixed air and water, which makes no sense! To succeed, you need to use a rigid lid approximation (i.e. a single phase model). This, however, will not capture your waves. If you want waves, you need to try other CFD software. If there is a severely deformed free surface, you may be interesting in Flow-3D, which is designed for free surface flows but is only single phase. They have very sexy volume-of-fluid algorithms.

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