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JeffreyB November 26, 2012 04:23

2D pressure flotran to usable force
Hi there,

I'm just new with the flotran options in ansys and new with fluid dynamics. For a project i must calculate the drag and lift coefficient of a profile in ansys flotran.

I made an 2D profile in ansys and solved it but i only can get the pressure on every node out of the solver. So it's a pressure without an area ? So now i must calculate the force for C=F/(rho*dens*V^2*A)

I found a paper on google about this:

But in Figure 3B there's an formula FF=(Pi+Pi-1)/(2*abs(Yi-Yi-1)) that gives not the results that are mentioned in table.
Can anyone explain me how this is calculated ?
Because when i do this i don't have the same results as in the table.

Or is there an other way to do this ?

Thanks, jeffrey

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