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oronen December 8, 2012 10:44

help modeling hydroforming process
hello everyone. i am a new user of ansys and a new member of the forum.

final year in mechanical engineering and was charged with creating a tube hydroforming simulation in ansys

if anyone can help or knows where i can get tutorials or videos or something related to this kind of simulation, it would be great


oronen December 21, 2012 09:25

ive made some progress
trying to run the simulation in explicit dynamics i am told that the solver lacks the stiffness for water-liquid
now i am supposed to enter the isotropic elasticity of water but i dont know what it is

im guessing its like the water filled bottle drop test
anyone knows where i can see a tutorial or a video of that?

also another question
am i supposed to change the water from lagrangian to eulerian?
and if possible explain shortly the reason

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