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dhananjay December 21, 2012 06:54

Mesh Quality for Fluent
Please tell me what is minimum input mesh quality(tetramesh) required for Fluent.

arjun3020 December 24, 2012 23:05

0.3 must for fluent. if you are using CFX then it can handle low quality mesh.
but fluent cant.
1. minimun angle must be greater than 20 degree.
2. quality 0.3

dhananjay December 24, 2012 23:43

Thank u arjun3020 for reply.
i'm beginer to fluent.
u said mesh quality of 0.3.
can u plz tell me is it orthogonal quality?
i am modelling for Ac louvers of the car

mohw2002 December 27, 2012 03:34

I have half pipe with one perforation on the top of the wall and another one without perforation. I draw them by ICEM-CFD and mesh (tetra) for the two cases. My problem when I want to draw the wall shear, pressure drop at polyline that coming from intersection method. When I want to draw the results by chart, the curve is coming like zeg-zag not straight. Why?
Thanking you in anticipation

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