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MSHowes January 8, 2013 16:17

Can't restart 2-way FSI using ANSYS 14.0 Workbench
I'm editing this to clarify the problem I'm having. I'm using ANSYS 14.0 workbench to set up 2-way FSI using CFX and ANSYS Mechanical. It's working fine but I want to be able to restart a run if it dies due to a computer or power glitch. I can't figure out how to get ANSYS Mechanical to write ANSYS.rnnn files at specified intervals during a run. At the end of a successful run I get an ANSYS.r001 file and I can restart from that, but I want to be able to restart from an intermediate point if a run dies.

I've read the manual and found the reference to an MFRC command that can be used to specify the intervals at which restart files are written, but no matter what "Restart Control" settings I use in ANSYS Mechanical, the MFRC command doesn't appear in the .mf file.

Nikitha June 15, 2014 21:14

Me too want to restart in FSI
did u succedd in doing Ansys restart in workbench while coupling with Fluent or CFX.
please reply.
my mail id is

stumpy July 3, 2014 13:30

You have to use a Commands object in Mechanical to add the MFRC command (and MFOU). Something like:


will create results (.rst) data every 10 steps and backup points (.rnnn) every 100 steps, with the most recent 2 backup point retained.

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