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powpow January 16, 2013 11:24

Meshing problem?
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I'm a newbie with meshing. But with the help of some tutorials and this forum, I was able to create my first mesh.
Unfortunately, some errors occured while doing the simulation with CFX-Solver Manager (see image01).
I hope someone can tell me, if the problem was the mesh or perhaps adjustments in CFX-Pre..

powpow January 16, 2013 12:04

Since it is my first mesh, I don't know at all which values should be entered:confused:

To get an impression of the size, the dimensions of the test chamber are:
Length: 14 458 mm
Diameter: 3032 mm

So I tried it this way:
- Register Mesh - Surface Mesh Setup - Surfaces: I selected all surfaces, entered Maximum size: 150, Height: 150, Min size limit: 20 and all others: 0 - Apply.
- Register Mesh - Compute Mesh - Volume Mesh - Compute. Volume Mesh is Tetra/Mixed and Mesh Method is Robust (Octree)
- Check Mesh and ignoring multiple edges and single edges since they shouldn't be a problem. Delete unconnected vertices.
- Then, I wanted to add 10 layers of prism:
- Register Mesh - Compute Mesh - Prism Mesh.
- There I selected the parts for the prism layers, entered there num layers =10 and clicked "ok".
- Then I clicked surface mesh up, chose the surfaces of the tube and the small nozzle, changed Maximum size: 50, Height: 5, Min size limit: 10, Height Ratio: 1.5 and applied.
- Register Mesh - Compute Mesh - Volume Mesh. I enabled create prism layers and computed.
- Check Mesh and again ignoring multiple edges and single edges.

I hope someone knows some better values to start than mine!
Or another meshing strategy...

powpow January 16, 2013 12:56

@admins: Sorry, I posted in the wrong forum, please delete this thread:o

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