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mechanicaldesign January 22, 2013 00:37

Visualize results from ANSYS Ls-Dyna,
Good morning,

I used ANSYS 14.5 and I want to know how to visualize the results from ANSYS Ls-Dyna, because from WB is saved only .K file and I can solve it only with application from ANSYS Launcher (both with parallel processing). I am in doubt about visualization of results, because I donīt find any files .rst and .his how I read on help from ANSYS Ls-Dyna. How I can view the results using ANSYS, or how to made using command line .rst file and .his file? I try allready with Ls-Dyna PrePost, but nothing (perhaps I donīt read correct file, ...:()

I waiting much early your suggestion, idea or advice.

Thanks in advance for support.

Best regards. :confused:

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