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fredmayer January 22, 2013 12:24

Nitinol material and expansion of a cylindrical stent

We are working on a device made in Nitinol (shape memory alloy) that has to be cooled and contracted, inserted inside the body and then expanded by temperature (recovering its initial shape with shape memory alloy property). However, we don't know how to import that kind of material into ANSYS. We have the properties of the material at its low phase and high phase temperature and curves that caracterise the behaviour of the material in between those two temperature.

Again, we have our shape which is a cylindrical mesh of 6mm diameter. We want to cool it and bring it to a diameter of 2 mm. Once this is done, we want to use the shape memory alloy properties on ANSYS to expand the shape back to 6mm and see what are the stresses on the device and what is the force exerted by the device on the outside.

Thank you


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