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shreyasr January 28, 2013 07:21

Automated post processing using CFD Post
Hi !

My objective is to automate the post processing of any appropriate CFX result files using ANSYS CFD Post. The simulation result files are from ANSYS CFX (.res files)

Problem Description :
From the CFX results of model A, I have created a report with the desired User Data of contours and vector plots, and have saved it as a 'state' (.cst file).

However, when I apply the above state - to the result files of Model B (which has different dimensions), the view is not satisfactory.

Using the option "Fit figures to viewport" is not what I am looking for.
I would like the zoom to be set such that the contours/vector plots utilise the available real estate to the best extent.

I have gone through the saved state file (.cst) in wordpad as well; I am yet to find the appropriate command to set the zoom at a desired level.

How can I incorporate the optimum zoom setting, with reference to a specified dimension of the geometry ?

Any suggestions or advice to implement this would be highly appreciated.

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