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Sami.Sawalha February 17, 2013 03:35

Heat source Inetsity (W/m3)-Moving
I am working on moving heat source problem, the heat source intensity has the following unite (W/m3), the model is 2-D beam, I used shell57 with 0.01 for example (constraint). I don't have problem with working on transient model( I am doing it manually ),I create a mesh depending on heat source velocity where the distance between nodes is equal to (1 second x velocity),but my problem is that I am using HEAT "heat flow rate (W)",I was wondering if that right way or not. Beam dimensions are L: 0.5, H: 0.01, D: 0.01.Heat source velocity is 5e-3 m/s.

Q1: Is it right to use HEAT?
If not:
Q2:What are my other options?
Q3: Is it right to use Shell57 element constraints to define the depth?

Thank you in advance......

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