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Maralady February 18, 2013 18:52

Advice with my final course project "Twin Screw Pump, Fluid Analysis"
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Hello, I am working as the tittle of the thread says in the analysis of the fluid portion, so far water, that goes through a twin screw pump. I do not have too much experience in the CFD field, i have some doubts about it, as:

1. What module should i use? CFX/FLUENT/ANOTHER ONE?
2. If i use CFX should i make the mesh at CFX or using another program?
3. If i use FLUENT should i make the mesh at ICEM?
4. Why should i use another module?
5. Will i have to create a Dynamic mesh?
6. I made the geometry already, and i did several different Negatives (The fluid volume) rotating each of them 36 degrees, this will be helpful or not?

So far i have a lot of question about this project, but i am working on it, the concept that i have in my head so far, is not very clear, i made around 10 different solids, each one is rotated 36 degrees, and a friend of mine and a mentor told me that i will have to use those geometries to simulate the water flow, overlapping each simulation, is this true? Is the right way to proceed?

Here some references as:

Twin Pump Geometry (Just the Screws)
Twin Pump Geometry (With the Case)
Twin Pump Fluid Volume

Your opinion will be appreciated, thanks for your time.

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