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rohit.jain092 February 20, 2013 07:29

Importing models from cad
Hi there. I have to import a solid 3d model from AutoCAD to ansys 12.0. The problem is that on importing the volume is to split up into various areas. Can anybody explain on as to how to add various areas to form a single volume in ansys. I am relatively a beginner , so the most simplified explanation would be appreciated.

sojourner March 6, 2013 04:20

Since you didn't post any screenshot, I think you can just select all your volume geometry, go to create-->Boolean-->and chose unite (don't forget to click apply for tool bodies) to try to merge them into one piece. Make sure that after you merge the volume geometry type is a fluid.

I am new at this too, are you by any chance doing a wind flow around building?
If so, did you model everything in AutoCad, and what type of import setting do you use to get it into DesignModeler? I never seem to be able to get Autocad file to load successfully into the DesignModeler...

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