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anon_f February 22, 2013 18:08

Heavy fuel combustion
Is there anyone who can help me to set in CFX-post combustion of heavy oil fuel. There are exemples of combustion in CFX tutorials of methane, but not the liquid and heavy oil.
in may exmple, it is a combustion chamber fed by an injector that injects a drop periodically.
I am a beginner and any help is welcome.
Thank you

diamondx March 2, 2013 15:38

have you try doing it in fluent there are tutorial on injection droplets of fuel

anon_f March 4, 2013 16:59

fluent tutorials for heavy fuel combustion
thank you for the advice. but can you give more details about fluent? Where can I find this kind of tutorials.

diamondx March 4, 2013 17:04

do you have access to the customer portal ?

anon_f March 4, 2013 21:43

no, I can not

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