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j_h_86 March 20, 2013 09:33

Problem: Fluent axisym. in CFX Post areaAve

I did a a axisymmetric calculation in Fluent and want use CFX Post for postprocessing.

The contour plot of my surface shows a range of the local Nusselt number between 230 and 310. When I want to calculate the area averaged value, CFX returns a value in the order of 0.01, which can't be possible.

Is the problem in the axisymmetric problem, which can't be postprocessed with the function areaAve? BTW: Both the local and global Nusselt number are calculated correctly dimensionless.

Best regards

Local Nusselt Number= Wall Heat Flux/(Thermal Conductivity Air*(Temperature-293[K]))*Radius=230 - 310

MeanNusseltNumber=areaAve(Local Nusselt Number)@curve_disc_top=0.01

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