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fracmech March 25, 2013 12:59

Fracture mechanics in ansys
I'm trying to do some simulation in fracture mechanic. I have a plate with central crack and I used ansys KSCON command for modeling cracks. But after successful analysis when I try to plot deformed shape the crack tip radius is not visible. What I mean it should be visible crack tip radius because I used plastic singularity elements (because of large deformations). The element is collapsed to a triangle, but the crack tip nodes are untied and location of the mid-side nodes is unchanged. This is accomplished because of 0 in KSCON command, I think?

Element type:
ET, 1, 281,,,,,
R, 1, 2
KSCON command: a is crack length
KSCON, 1, a/20, 0, 8

Maybe is important to point out that simulation is nonlinear.
Does anyone have any solution or something?

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